WP-Invoice Settings Line Items Tab

Predefined Line Items are common services and/or products that you can create once and use in your invoices. For example, if you are a Web professional and your usual invoice has at least an hour of Web Design or / and Web Development services, you can create these item entries to save yourself from typing it every time. When you create a new invoice or quote (with the Quotes Add-on), or edit an existing one, you will be able to select these items from a list and if you want, edit the name, description, quantity, price and tax.

The Predefined Line Items Tab

Predefined Line Items Fields

  • Name: This is the name of the product or service your client will see on the invoice. Keep it short and easy to understand. For our Web Professional example, this could be “Web Design,” “Web Development”, or even more specific like “WordPress Plugin Development”, “PHP Development”, “PSD Slicing”, “Content Creation” etc.
  • Description: A small paragraph giving more detail about the nature of the product or service. Especially helpful to Web Professionals who like to break up every invoice into different services that the client would never understand on his own. For example, the description for “PSD Slicing” could be “Creation of HTML / CSS code for static Photoshop web design”. Be creative but short.

  • Qty: The quantity of the product or service your client will be paying for. Obviously this will vary from invoice to invoice, but for the model item you could use a minimum or average quantity. For services that are charged by the hour, this field would be the number of hours charged. The quantity could mean anything from items, hours, pounds, kilograms, liters or whatever unit of measure, but make sure that if you are not sticking to the traditional items or hours, your client will know what this number means. A good suggestion would be to add a “charged by the hour / liter / pound” in the end of the description field.
  • Price: The unit price for the product or service. Multiplied by the quantity, it gives us the total for the model entry. To make it even more obvious, this is how much one item, hour of work, pound of X or liter of Y costs.
  • Tax: The tax for the particular product / service. Unfortunate but helps the economy.

Automatic price calculation


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