Installing And Activating WP-CRM Legacy Extensions

After you purchase your WP-CRM extension, you will need to assign a license to the domain name of the website you will be using it on. Each extension purchase includes two licenses: one for your staging (test) website, and another for your production (live) website.

Assign License

Before you can install your extension, you must follow these instructions to assign a domain license to it.

  • To assign a license, log into your account and visit the My Account page.
  • Under the Licenses & Downloads subtitle, locate your extension title and type in your website domain name into one of the fields. Click Save.
  • You have two licenses available to you. One license is for your production (live) website, and an optional second license for a staging (test website).

Installing Extensions

Once you assign a license to your extension, you can then proceed to install the extension on your website. Remember, the website domain name must match the domain name used to assign the license.

  • Log into your website's WordPress dashboard.
  • Visit the Settings page of WP-CRM.
  • Within the Premium Features tab, click the Check Updates button.

Notes and Troubleshooting

  • If you are unsure of the domain name to use for your license, visit the Premium Features tab of WP-CRM. Beside the This is your domain subtitle will tell you what domain name to use when assigning extension licenses to that website.

  • Localhost and are prohibited when assigning a license. Be sure to setup your WordPress installation on a different domain if developing locally (ex: development.loc).

  • Ensure the permissions of your premium folder is 777. The premium folder is located in plugins > wp-crm > core of your WordPress directory.

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