- Subscribers

Every RETS.CI Subscriber has Stripe Account and Stripe Subscription and be tied to specific Blog (Site). Stripe account is defined by stripe_account field. Site can be defined by retsci_secret_token field.

  • ES cluster: config.rets.ci
  • ES path: https://config.rets.ci:dnqpgakfyqdbbyxr@api.wpcloud.io:19100/
  • ES index/type: subscriber/subscriber

Note: Subscriber can have the ONLY provider. It means, that if subscriber wants to add to their site another RETS Provider, - the separate Subscriber should be created.




  // Stripe Account ID. Subscriber ID is the same as Stripe Account ID
  "stripe_account": "cus_9v0QdtcptIyGtd",
  // Stripe Mode. Allowed "live" and "test"
  "stripe_mode": "live",

  // We can determine Site above by the following secret token
  "retsci_secret_token": "4422ba1f1cc899fba0904e5e37573cfe",
  // Blog ID always equals 1 for non-multisite
  "blog_id": 1,
  // MD5 Hash of rets_url
  "provider": "53f046133acc697e33b7ca9b085bec12",

  // When document was created
  "created": "2017-01-10T14:38:00",
  // When document was update last time
  "modified": "2017-01-11T11:25:04",

  // Blog's home page
  "blog_url": "http://demo.rets.ci/houses",

  // RETS Credentials
  "rets_creds": {
    "login_url": "http://matrixrets.hicentralmls.com/rets/login.ashx",
    "username": "rets_username",
    "password": "rets_password",
    // Optionals ( depend on RETS Provider )
    // Should be stored only if not empty
    "user_agent": "",
    "user_agent_password": "",
    "rets_version": ""

  // WordPress User's Profile data
  // It's current user who belongs to Subscriber (RETS Credentials)
  "user": {
    "username": "maxim",
    "first_name": "Maxim",
    "last_name": "Peshkov",
    "contact": {
       "email": "maxim@udx.io",
       "website": "http://example.com",
       "aim": "",
       "yahoo": "",
       "jabber": "",
       "google": "",
       "twitter": "",
       "facebook": ""

  // The ONLY following data is being set manually via RETS.CI manager:

  // The list of all schedules set for current Client's RETS Provider
  "schedules": [

      // Unique ID of schedule
      "schedule_id": "12345",
      "rets_resource": "Property",
      "rets_class": "RESI",
      // How many last days we should sync on running Poller at first time
      "sync_days": 15,
      // The limited list of conditions below for a property 
      // which are being set manually. We are pushing property to WordPress site 
      // ONLY if it passes provided conditions.
      "query": {
        "status": "active",
        "type": "residential",
        "officeMLS": "12345",
        "city": "New-York"



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