- WP RETS Client

WP-RETS Client is WordPress Client for RETS.CI service. Allows to import properties from RETS Provider via XML-RPC

Getting Started

The information below is general steps for adding new WordPress Client to RETS.CI system

Site Registration

After WP-RETS Client plugin for WordPress installed and activated first time, plugin is checking if site was already registered in RETS.CI system. If not, plugin is generating tokens, saves them in WP DB and sends request to RETS.CI to add new Site. RETS.CI is checking if WordPress Site is available for XML-RPC requests before registration.

Tokens are used for future XML-RPC authentications. So WordPress credentials will not be needed anymore and all RETS.CI will be able to send XML-RPC requests to all blogs if the current Site is Multiple.


  • retsci_site_id
  • retsci_secret_token
  • retsci_public_token

Adding of Subscription

If Site is registered, administrator can add their RETS credentials in Dashboard Widget. On adding/updating RETS credentials RETS.CI service is checking if credentials are valid and adds Subscription to RETS.CI system.

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