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Site data is being registered once via [WP-RETS-Client](WP RETS Client) or WP-Property plugins.

  • ES cluster: www.usabilitydynamics.com
  • ES path: https://www%2Eusabilitydynamics%2Ecom:oalmgustsgzxxrcw@api.wpcloud.io:19100/
  • ES index/type: site-id/site_data



  // Host
  "host": "usabilitydynamics-www-exceedrealty-net-latest.c.wpcloud.io",
  // Site ID is being used for XML-RPC auth
  "ud_site_id": "36d7271c-4f99-4228-84bb-e8a936397dd4",
  // Secret Token is being used for XML-RPC auth
  "ud_site_secret_token": "4422ba1f1cc899fba0904e5e37573cfe",
  // Public Token
  "ud_site_public_key": "PzuKYq26UhWUlELQ",
  // URL to which we are doing XML-RPC requests
  "home_url": "https://ud-www-exceedrealty-net-latest.c.wpcloud.io"
  // When Site was registered
  "created": "2016-12-27T15:01:31",
  // When Site object was modified last time
  "modified": "2016-12-27T15:01:31",
  // Is Multisite
  "multisite": true

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