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See Mockup (it's just example).

Status of Subscription

  • disabled: If no Puller and Pusher job detected fir particular Subscription.
  • error: Case 1: if only Pusher or Puller job detected. Case 2: If Pusher or Puller job was updated (see: healthcheck_datetime in [Subscription Jobs](Subscription Jobs) document ) more than 10 minutes ago last time.
  • paused: If Pusher or Puller job is stopped.
  • active: If Pusher and Pullers jobs are running and are being updated.


  • Ability to open and manage JSON object ( Elasticsearch Source ) for every item (site, subscription, provider).
  • Edit Elasticsearch Source ( only subscription and provider for now ).
  • Manage Subscription Job ( start/pause/stop ).

Subscription Jobs management


See Mockup (it's just example).

  • Shows the list of all existing Providers in RETS.CI system.
  • Shows status of every Provider.

Status of Provider

  • disabled: If config is not set.
  • enabled: If config is set.

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