- Puller REST API

Path: http://puller.rets.ci

Available Endpoints:

  • GET /v1/start/:_id Start Puller
  • GET /v1/stop/:_id Stop Puller
  • GET /v1/delete/:_id Delete Puller

:_id is Subscriber's ID.

All endpoints require Auth HEADER:

X-Authorization: NcjmtOZYyhYlcnxE

If Auth HEADER is not provided or it's not valid, 404 Error will be returned.


Status code: 200

  "ok": true,
  "data": "https://config.rets.ci:dnqpgakfyqdbbyxr@api.wpcloud.io:19100/job/puller/4422ba1f1cc899fba0904e5e37573cfe-1-asdf2e31465edefwe"


Status code: 400

  "ok": false,
  "error": "Invalid request body. Error occurred on schema validation."

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