• The current API is designed to manage all RETS.CI instances such as Sites, Subscribers, Providers, etc.
  • It's mostly used by Manager service

Repository: https://github.com/rets-ci/api.rets.ci

RETS.CI API Path: https://rets-ci-api-rets-ci-latest.c.rabbit.ci

Note: the current working branch is latest (it should be moved soon). Other branches have the legacy logic which contains poller jobs, clients configs, etc...

Swagger UI

The Swagger UI contains all available REST API Endpoints except Fixtures.


All requests to api.rets.ci require api_key in query OR header x-access-token. The value is the same for both cases: 7T5wzsi747ZPRr21.

See screenshot


The dummy data which can be used for development purposes.

  • GET fixtures/sites Returns All Sites
  • GET fixtures/site Returns specific Site
  • GET fixtures/subscribers Returns All Subscribers
  • GET fixtures/subscriber Returns specific Subscriber
  • GET fixtures/providers Returns All Providers
  • GET fixtures/provider Returns specific Provider

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