WP-Property Terminology - Store Types, Field Variety and API Endpoints

This is a draft document for developers. It displays a terminology list of different "fields" and "values" available in v2.3 of WP-Property.

Store Types

  • field - Regular field, stored in post meta.
  • taxonomy - A common taxonomy. These are limited to our standard/system fields.
  • taxonomy-meta - Adds data as term meta. For example, wpp_schools taxonomy has wpp_schools_address taxonomy-meta, which means addresses are stored in term meta. These fields are stored in WordPress under the wpp_term_meta_fields field for each taxonomy.
  • categorical-term - A term within the wpp_categorical system taxonomy. The purpose is to avoid creating countless taxonomies but to organize as many categorical fields as possible under one taxonomy.
  • location-term - Similar to categorical-term but applies only to wpp_location fields. Nested location terms created automatically on address changes.
  • taxonomy-type - Specifies a field that belongs to a parent taxonomy but has a specific _type.

Field Varieties 

  • system - Fields needed for system to operate. Usually can not be edited directly.
  • standard - Fields recognized by system, often have pre-defined values.
  • common - Other fields that should be used before adding new fields.

Input Field Types

Depending on the type of field (e.g. taxonomy, term, etc.) the "input field type" setting will determine how it may be interacted with.

  • unique - For taxonomies, only allows a single value. Treats them as regular fields.
  • protected - Unable to change in UI.
  • currency - Currency, similar to numeric.
  • timestamp - All date and time entries.
  • number - Data must be numeric.
  • text - All other text.

API Endpoints

The standard data is available at the following API endpoints:


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