Ongoing Support Project

The Ongoing Support Project (OSP) is a type of technical service provided by Usability Dynamics, Inc. OSPs are well suited for dynamic projects where the specification is likely to change. The OSP policies are strongly influenced by agile software development methods. This document is an extract from our Master Service Agreement, referred to as "Agreement" below, published here for convenience. 
  • Milestones: OSP is a set of project policies intended to streamline the execution of projects with flexible requirements. All OSPs are organized into bi-weekly Milestones, otherwise referred to as Statement of Work (SOW). Ongoing Support Projects are managed using the Usability Dynamics, Inc. Project Management (PM) system accessible at Client access to the PM system is provided upon execution of the Agreement; additional user accounts for Client’s team members may be created at any time. 

  • Project Manager: Usability Dynamics, Inc. will assign a Project Manager to each OSP. The Project Manager will serve as the primary point-of-contact (POC) to the Client. Usability Dynamics, Inc. will make best efforts to assign the same Project Manager to clients with multiple OSPs for continuity. Additionally, the Client has the ability of communicating directly with any Usability Dynamics, Inc. team member assigned to the project via the PM as needed. 

  • Time & Expenses: Usability Dynamics, Inc. staff records all time entries and pre-approved expenses within the PM for all work performed. The Client has real-time access to all time entries and expense reports pertaining to their project(s). At the discretion of Project Manager, certain time entries may be non-billable. 

  • Communication: All Parties are strongly encouraged to utilize the PM system as the primary medium of communication pertaining to the OSP although other mediums, to include Skype, email and phone are perfectly acceptable if agreed to beforehand. Collaboration within the PM is generally preferred and Clients are able to create tasks, post feedback and ask general questions to the Usability Dynamics, Inc. team members assigned to the OSP in an organized manner. 

  • Code Repository: All application code pertaining to the Client’s OSP is maintained within a secure Client-specific code repository. The Code Repository allows all Parties with adequate permissions to monitor code changes, deploy application code to the configured servers. Most importantly, the Code Repository facilitates a reliable medium allowing multiple individuals to perform work on the Client code simultaneously. 

  • Staging Environment: When applicable, Usability Dynamics, Inc. will provide each Client with a dedicated staging environment on a Usability Dynamics, Inc. web server allowing the Client to interact with the Services in a private environment prior to provisioning the Services to a production server. 

  • Application Provisioning: When applicable, the Client’s application code will be automatically deployed to the Staging Environment provided by Usability Dynamics, Inc. At certain points, such as after completion of a Milestone and Quality Control (QC) the application code will be deployed to the Client’s Production environment. The Client may also initiate a production deployment manually as needed. The Client must provide all the necessary access credentials to allow Usability Dynamics, Inc. the necessary access rights to configure code deployment to Client’s web hosting account(s). 

  • Termination for Convenience: The Client may terminate the OSP for convenience at any time by providing a written notice to the Project Manager. However, the Client shall remain obligated to make payments to Usability Dynamics, Inc. for Services on all open SOWs, as rendered up to and including the date of termination plus any and all fees contained herein. Usability Dynamics, Inc. may terminate the OSP at the end of a billing cycle after providing the Client with a minimum of a (7) day notice. 

  • Billing Cycle: Milestones correspond with billable periods, ending every other Friday. Payment in the full amount of all billable work performed within the Milestone must be made to Usability Dynamics, Inc. within (14) days following the completion of a Milestone. If payment is not received within the specified time-frame, Usability Dynamics, Inc. reserves the right to stop all work pertaining to the OSP as well as the suspension of any related Services. Usability Dynamics, Inc. accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express directly on the Usability Dynamics, Inc. website. Payments may also be rendered via business check mailed to the Usability Dynamics, Inc. office in North Carolina. 

  • Initialization Deposit: The OSP is initialized upon the execution of the Agreement and completion of successful payment of the Deposit by the Client. Unless otherwise stated, all OSPs require an initial payment of (3) Web Development hours at the standard rate. The billable time is applied towards creating the Client's project within the PM, preparing code repositories and migrating existing code, generating database backups and the preparation of the staging and production environment(s). The Initialization Deposit may be waived for existing Clients.

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