Product Support, Forum and Refund Policy

Usability Dynamics (UD) is committed to providing quality web-based business operations and administrative software, with a focus on CMS-integrated software.

We are also committed to providing product support, maintenance, and quality control as best as possible. Most of our core products are free, and with nearly 100.000 downloads, it has become almost impossible to sustain a support staff for all our free users and keep up with all the requests for assistance.

So far, we’ve attempted to keep up with all the support requests and general questions, but given the trajectory of usage growth, we are quickly approaching an unsustainable point for free support. Therefore, as of November 2011, we’ve given users the ability to submit Premium Support Requests and we’re implementing the following policies:

Forum Policies

  • The forum remains a public forum. We did not want to create a separate "premium forum", as common practice, but create a hybrid of the two so our well researched and thorough premium answers are visible to all for reference. We encourage everyone to contribute and help each other out.
  • Regular forum posts are completely functional, however, UD does not warranty, imply, or guarantee that any question will be answered by the UD staff unless it is a Premium Support Request.
  • Research on Premium Support Requests will begin within 24 week day hours (excluding holidays) by someone from UD. To get to final answer, if there is one, will obviously vary from one topic to the next.
  • All support requests, premium or otherwise, must be submitted through the forums. We'll no longer be accepting support phone calls or e-mails sent to our staff members. The intent is to distribute the work load amongst our team, as well as to build up a rich online resource, which can be publicly referenced in the future.
  • Questions are not necessarily limited to our products, but general WordPress, PHP, CSS and JavaScript questions may be asked as well, as our senior developers are also involved in the forum. Remember, if the question takes over 30 minutes to answer, we may require additional funds.

Support Funds

Support Funds are credits that are specifically set aside for the purpose of submitting Premium Support Requests. Support funds are increased automatically any time you purchase a digital product, or specifically purchase support funds.

  • Customers who purchase our digital products will automatically receive Support Funds in the amount of their purchase. So, if you purchase the Denali theme for $150, and the Single Page Checkout for $75, your account will have a total of $200 support funds that you can apply to any forum questions directed towards our team. Support funds are only transferred from digital product sales – custom development services under $15,000 will receive a set number of support funds based on the contract.
  • Support Funds from product purchases are capped at 4 times the amount of a single Premium Support Request. (ex: If a Premium Support Request is $50, product based Support Funds are capped at $200)
  • Support Funds are not refundable to cash. However, Support Funds may be credited by UD staff at their discretion.

We are extremely grateful for each individual or business that uses our product. In a perfect world, we'd be able to keep up with all the support requests that are incoming with the people we already have. However, thedemands of running a business and maintaining a full time staff have brought us to this juncture. In the end, we're looking forward to continuing to create great, valuable software for you, and we'll continue to support it to the best of our ability.

Premium Requests

We guarantee answers to Premium Support Requests within 24 week day hours (excluding holidays) of submission. A Premium Support Request can be initiated by creating a post on the forum and choosing the option to submit the question to the UD staff. Each Premium Support Request guarantees at minimum 30 minutes of support and troubleshooting. You may be asked to add additional Support Funds if a request is extremely complex, as determined by the UD staff member assigned to your request.

How it works

  1. After making a purchase, you probably have some questions you would like to ask the team. The questions can be asked on the forum to the community, but perhaps you are approaching a deadline and need something answered quickly.
  2. After visiting the forums and clicking “Start new Discussion”, an option is available to mark the new discussion as a question needing an answer from the Usability Dynamics team.
  3. After a question is posted, it is marked as a premium question, and all of the UD team is notified instantly.
  4. As soon as a UD team member begins to work on the question, they will claim it as theirs, and the question will have a message at the top stating which team member is working on it.
  5. The dicussion between you and the team member begins. Follow-up questions may be answered at the discretion of the team member. 
  6. Once a question is answered, you can mark it as answered.


If you find that a purchased product does not meet your needs, simply let us know within 7 days of purchase. Your purchase price will be promptly reimbursed. Installation services and Premium Support funds, including those accompanying product purchases, may not be reimbursed once the services have been provided.

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