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Knowledge Base

  1. Agents 

    1. How to add overview of Agents to some page.
  2. FEPS 

    1. What kind of emails are sent to the property submitters?
    2. Does the administrator get an email when a new property is submitted?
    3. Does the FEPS process create user accounts?
    4. How long do properties remain in pending status?
    5. Can submitter edit/update their submissions?
  3. Slideshow 

    1. Property gallery size options
  4. Products 

    1. Product End User License Agreement (EULA)
    2. Product Support, Forum and Refund Policy
  5. Services 

    1. Custom Design and Development Pricing Schedule
    2. Ongoing Support Project
  6. WP-Property 

    1. Google Map is not Showing
    2. Installing and Activating WP-Property
    3. Installing and Activating WP-Property add-ons
    4. How to customize templates in WP-Property plugin
    5. Templates not showing correctly after update
  7. WP-Invoice 

    1. PayPal. How to recieve IPN callback?
    2. Installing and Activating WP-Invoice
    3. Installing and Activating WP-Invoice Extensions
    4. Partial payment. Invoice already paid. PayPal
    5. Page not found when trying to view invoice.
  8. WP-CRM 

    1. Installing And Activating WP-CRM
    2. Installing and Activating WP-CRM Extensions
    3. “Shortcode Form” tab is missing
    4. Using WooCommerce Billing and Shipping Fields
    5. Using WP-Invoice Customer Information/Billing fields
  9. Frequently Asked Questions 

    1. First steps to investigate any issue
    2. Licence Key not activating
    3. How to activate premium features? (where is my download link?)
    4. Product Support
    5. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING
  10. GitHub and SVN 

    1. Working with SVN
    2. Working with GitHub
  11. Supermap 

    1. Supermap Settings
    2. How to resolve "You have included the Google Maps API multiple times on this page. This may cause unexpected errors."
    3. Wrong direction
  12. XML Importer 

    1. RETS. No Listings are found. Check your Query.
    2. Recommended values for server configuration options
    3. htpasswd blocking the spawned url threads which trigger the process to download images
    4. Could not connect to RETS server: PHRETS - -1 - Cookie file \"\" cannot be written to. Must be an absolute path and must be writable
    5. Images not importing
  13. All articles 

    1. Working with SVN
    2. Supermap Settings
    3. RETS. No Listings are found. Check your Query.
    4. Custom Design and Development Pricing Schedule
    5. Product End User License Agreement (EULA)
    74 articles 

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